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The Society's Journal is published in April, August and December. The price is included in members' subscriptions. The Journal contains articles of interest to both the general and specialist collector, and covers all aspects of French philately. It also gives details of the Society's activities, book reviews, lists of articles published in other (particularly French) philatelic magazines, and philatelic news items.

Journals shown are 248 - 255, 260 - 270, 272 - 275, as more become available they will be uploaded.

The journals may be downloaded they are however, copyright protected. Paid up members of the Society may contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.to receive a non-protected copy of those listed. To join - apply for membership here.

To see a list of titles of articles published since March 2001. Click Here

Journal 248 - June 2008 Journal 249 - Sept 2008 Journal 250 - December 2008 Journal 251 - March 2009 Journal 252 - June 2009 Journal 253 - Sept 2009 Journal 254 - December 2009 Journal 255 Journal 260 Journal 261Journal263 Journal264 Journal265  Journal266Journal267 Journal268 Journal269 Journal 270 Journal 272 Journal 273Journal274 Journal 275