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Three auctions annually are carried out via postal or email bids. Items for sale in the auction are welcomed, see the instructions outlined in each auction catalogue. Please support the auctions by adding to your collections. Much hard work goes into running them and the reserves are lower than dealer prices! The Society also benefts from the 10% commission charged to vendors.

THE SOCIETY'S JUNE AUCTION UNSOLD lots are available to view here.  Lots are available to Society Members only and are available until the end of June.

Scans of the June Auction lots are shown above at the top of the page - Additional scans are also shown below.  The June Auction Catalogue is on-line here. Bidding is available to members only - if you wish to become a member - the application form is here

Enquiries are welcome, to Steve, preferably via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or by phone 01782 208669. 


 Details of Lots in the Gallery:

Lot 202: 1848 TOURS-Paris. ‘LIGNE-DE-TOURS’ canc on rear. Charge ‘5’ déc
Lot 203: 1864 2x20c Nap canc GC4097 VANVES. Bureau de Passe ‘1987’ on rear- Laval
Lot 205: 1872 25c Ceres. On rear ‘PARIS A BORDEAUX & Bureau de Passe ‘2915’ cds - Poitiers
Lot 206: 1872 25c Ceres. On rear Bureau de Passe ‘2188’ cds – Le Mans. Alençon-Angers.
Lot 217: 1837 Marseille-Genoa. M/s “par le francois premier” indicating carriage on vessel o Compagnie Napolitains. Italian entry oval red cachet ‘VIA DI MARE /PONENTE’ in use 1836/7 on mail from Mars’le
Lot 237: 1894 Type Sage 15c carte-lettre , Exposition Universelle Lyon. Illustrated both sides and within. Unused. Corner perfs of card missing
Lot 303: Selection Nap (23), Ceres (24), Sage (14), Journaux (2). 2 anchor cancs.
Lot 304: Yv3 20c black, 4 good mgns, grill canc.
Lot 305: Yv3 20c black, 4 good mgns, grill canc.
Lot 306: Yv4 20c blue, 4 good mgns, grill canc.
Lot 307: Yv14, 0c Nap imperfs. Horiz pair, greyish blue, canc PC762 + horiz pair dark blue canc PC295.
Lot 309: Yv29 20c Nap lauré. Selection unchecked for varieties or cancs. (175)
Lot 316: Selection of Type Sage used to 5f lilac . High cat. (33)
Lot 322: Selection Merson 40c, 45c, 50c, 60c, 1f, 2f, 3f, 3f, 5f, 20f. (20f has crner perf damage)

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