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Bidding for lots in the Autumn Auction has now closed  The Catalogue is available here.

Selected images from the Auction are promoted above, click on the appropriate number for additional information for lots 473, 474, 476, and 485

"Thanks to all for your forbearance during the last auction when circumstances were a little difficult with postal delays and absence of website scans). In the end there were 37 bidders and over 40% of lots sold. For this renewal 12 vendors have entered over 600 lots for your delectation and I think there is something for everyone .

Please note there will be no unsolds offered as there is so little interest and the process only serves to delay closure and pay the vendors. Please see the notes on page 20". David Parmley

This Auction is limited to France & Colonies Philatelic Society members only, who will find David's address details in their copies sent with the August issue of the Journal.

The next sale will be the Winter Postal Auction in January/February 2021. Please continue to support the auction by sending material to DAVID PARMLEY - postal details in your Journal), contact may also be made phoning 07464 926250. Or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Three auctions annually are carried out via postal or email bids.

Items for sale in the auction are welcomed, see the instructions outlined in each auction catalogue. Please support the auctions by adding to your collections. Much hard work goes into running them and the reserves are lower than dealer prices! The Society also benefts from the 10% commission charged to vendors.